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The Rotary Club of Smithtown is a club made up of energetic Smithtown residents from various business and professional backgrounds and lifestyles that are interested in community service and work on projects that are local, national & international. We meet early Thursday mornings from 7:45 - 8:45 at the Smithtown Millennium Diner. The club has interesting guest speakers on a wide variety of topics that are educational and motivational to all. Members have an opportunity to build lifelong friendships and experience the personal fulfillment of providing volunteer service on projects relating to health, hunger, environmental concerns, literacy and vocational assistance, drug abuse and assisting senior citizens and young people. Who meets this early and has this much fun? Well, we are always looking for new members, but we are very selective. If you have a big heart, small ego, and a generous attitude you're almost there. You might even make a new network of friends that'll prove to be invaluable. So, come down and have breakfast with us and see if this is the place for you. Meetings are open to the service oriented community with the exception of the last Thursday of each month when the club holds their business assembly. Our services involve helping to feed the hungry, by supporting the local food pantry and Supporting the Gift of Life

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